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Don’t want to play slots anymore, because everything depends only on your luck? Tired of long poker tables and tournaments? It is not surprising, because even regular tournaments on popular sites can last from 8 hours and be divided into several playing days. We have a great solution for those who are tired of long and difficult casino games, and at the same time want to influence the outcome of the match – Blackjack. This is a simple table games card game in which several people play against the dealer.

The player’s task is simple – you have to get a better hand than the dealer, but not exceed 21 points. Each card in the game gives a certain number of points. Cards 2-10 have a value depending on their number. Jack, Queen, King give 10 points, and Ace gives 1 or 11 points depending on your hand. In the course of the round, each player can draw additional cards into his hand, and after all the players the dealer’s turn begins. All players receive payouts based on the results of their hands. You have learned the rules of the game, now it’s time to learn how to win at Blackjack!

Winning strategy without counting cards

There are several “How to Win at Blackjack” strategies: with counting cards for advanced users and a consistently winning strategy for beginners. We’ll start with a simpler strategy that’s perfect for those new to the game. How to win online blackjack simple steps:

  1. There are several important bets in blackjack. Before you start playing, learn them and read as many of the “How to Win at Blackjack” articles as possible.
  2. Always Stand if the dealer’s hand is 6-2 and yours is 16-12.
  3. Make a Hit bet if the dealer’s hand is 7-Ace, and yours is 16-12.
  4. Never buy insurance. If you win, you will only receive the original bet.
  5. Always split Aces and 8.
  6. If you have Ace and 6, then double or Hit.
  7. Play from the dealer’s card. Cards 2-6 are bad for you, and 7-Aces are good.
  8. Don’t sit in first place. This gives you more time to think about your bet.
  9. Ignore the bets of other players. You have a solid strategy to follow.

By playing blackjack, you will find your own winning strategies and hands. In the meantime, you can use this proven how to win Blackjack at casino tactic.

Advanced winning strategy with live dealer

Are you already an advanced blackjack player looking for new tactics and ways to refine your strategies? Then you must have heard about how to win at Blackjack live dealer and win big strategies. Why play with a live dealer? It’s very simple:

  • When playing live, you always see a physical deck of cards. This is the only way the card counting strategy works. That is why all advanced blackjack players only play at live tables.
  • The deck always has the same number of cards. When the dealer shuffles and deals the cards, you can see them. Calculate how many low and high cards are in play and how many are in the deck.
  • Knowing the exact number of cards, you can calculate your chances of winning and make a bet accordingly.
  • To learn how to count cards, use online trainers and game emulators.

This is the only way you can become a pro and start winning Blackjack constantly.

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