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The game begins with the fact that each player the dealer deals 2 cards “shirt” up, and himself – or one (opened), or two (one opened, one not), depending on the type of blackjack. The player can take another card or stop . If the dealer finds a combination of an ace and a card with a face value of 10 points, ie blackjack, after the deal, the player loses. If a player also loses blackjack, the game is considered a draw and the player has the right to return his bet.


According to the rules of the game of blackjack, if after the distribution the dealer finds an ace, the player can be insured against a possible combination of blackjack at the casino. Insurance is an agreement between a player and a casino that in the event of a blackjack falling to the dealer, the player will remain afloat and will not lose. In this case, the player will win 3: 2, but will lose his initial bet. In fact, insurance is profitable for casinos, so players, knowing this, use it very rarely .

Separation of hands

If a player receives a pair of cards of the same face value, such as two cards with a face value of 10 points, he can split these cards in two hands . In this case, the player will receive two more new cards – one for each hand – to create new combinations. The number of times that allow you to deal cards is set according to the rules of a particular variation of the game .

Doubling the rate

If the face value of all player cards is 9, 10 or 11 points, he can double his initial bet and ask for only one card. This is called doubling the bet. Doubling the bid is not a fixed rule. Often doubling is possible only after the division of the hand. However, some types of blackjack allow players to take advantage of doubling under any circumstances.

Opportunity to surrender

When using the basic strategy , the player can give up. This is possible at any time after the first cards are dealt. However, he will lose half of the initial bet . Exiting the game is the most sensible decision in a situation where the value of all player cards is 16 points, while the dealer has an ace and a card with a face value of 9 or 10 points.

When playing blackjack, the dealer has the biggest advantage. This is due to the fact that the player always “walks” first, so the first can pick up points and lose.

Blackjack tournaments

More adrenaline from the game can be obtained in tournaments where players play against each other . The winner will be the one who will withstand more rounds.

Accordingly, if you play in a tournament with a large number of players and expensive buy-in, you can leave the casino with a round sum in your pocket. To win such a tournament, it is important not only to know the basic strategy of the game, but also to responsibly determine the size of the bet . It is necessary to take into account not only your bankroll, but also the bankroll of opponents, their number and position of everyone at the table.

When playing in a tournament, the important points are a clear understanding of the essence of the game and, of course, luck. A player who plays in tournaments can really win a long distance. Unfortunately, tournaments are only available at some online casinos .

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