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The strategy of counting cards has long been in the spotlight. Everyone at least once watched the movie “21”, made about it. So what’s the point?

Counting cards in online casino blackjack is based on a simple principle. It is believed that if there are more “senior” cards in the deck than “junior” cards, the probability of your winning increases significantly .

In this case, you may even have a long-term advantage over the casino . The player’s advantage can often reach 2% or even more. But if the deck is dominated by “junior” cards, the advantage goes to the casino. By applying a blackjack card counting strategy and having an advantage over the casino, you can increase your bets. In case the advantage is on the side of the casino, your bets should be reduced.

In the above-mentioned film, players of the same team sat at different tables. When the statistical advantage passed to one of the tables, the player at the other table was signaled to place a higher bet. Naturally, all the fun ended as soon as the casino exposed the team.

The basic strategy of counting cards works as follows:

  • +1 to the cost of cards from 2 to 6;
  • -1 to the value of aces, 10 and older cards (king, queen, jack);
  • 0 to the cost of average cards from 7 to 9.

This means that the higher the total, the higher your bid should be . At the same time, the total amount is divided by a multiple of the remaining logs. Most often, blackjack is played with 6⁠ – 8 decks. If there are 4 decks left in the game, you must divide your final amount by 4. In this way, you get a so-called “real number”, which indicates either your advantage or a probable “failure”. If the number of remaining logs becomes smaller and the final amount remains the same, the advantage will be on your side.

Each “real number” unit reduces the casino’s advantage by 0.5%. The player has a greater advantage over the casino if the “real number” is equal to or higher than 2.

It is also worth noting that the basic strategy must be “felt” . For example, as mentioned above, if the total score is 15 and the game is played against the dealer 10, according to the basic strategy, the player must draw an additional card. But if the player has most of the cards “older”, the strategy changes. In this case, it is recommended to refrain from drawing the card.

There are other card counting

The player if you play video blackjack , because in this case all the cards are issued by the computer by accident. This means that each game is played with a new virtual deck. In live blackjack in a real casino or online casino, the probability of getting a card that will bring the player an advantage is an order of magnitude higher.

Casino protection methods
It should be noted that casinos resist counting cards, as this is a legal way to win over casinos. But if a player is caught “hot”, the casino has the right to stop the game and forbid the player to continue playing in the casino .

The casino protects itself in other ways, such as introducing a split card . In practice, this means that you can play 8 decks, but only half of the cards. The cut card is used by the dealer to prevent any of the players from seeing the bottom card in the deck during the shuffle. This method significantly reduces the profitability of card counting for the player , because the player gets the biggest advantage at the end of the deck.

Counting cards also becomes almost useless if the casino uses a special machine to shuffle the cards. This device automatically shuffles playing cards . Due to this, the cards are shuffled instantly after each round.

Shuffle tracking

Shuffle tracking is a less popular and sophisticated strategy that casinos are wary of. To track you need to have good eyesight and excellent memory. In this case, the player will be able to remember the location of the playing cards during their shuffle . The principle is quite simple: the player remembers groups of cards, assigns them a value and, as soon as a new game begins, makes the right decision, knowing in advance the next cards.

This strategy can be used provided that the cards are shuffled by the dealer and not by the shuffler. But this is the same case where the human factor can lead to inconsistent shuffling .

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